• What is Finger Bouldering?

    A game? A sport? A toy? A training device? Yes. Finger Bouldering is an innovative concept that brings the world of climbing to your fingertips. Created by Jacob Karlin in 2020, Finger Bouldering takes the mechanics of rock climbing and transfers it to miniature hand puzzles that provide a fun challenge for climbers and non-climbers alike. Finger Bouldering problems are 3-dimensional objects that can be "bouldered" with your hand. To play, the user picks up the boulder from the starting hold(s), and then maneuvers across the route to the finish hold. The goal- send the route without dropping the boulder.


    Finger Bouldering is an innovative concept that brings the world of rock climbing to your fingertips. Whether it's around a campfire, in the van, or at the gym, Finger Bouldering provides a fun and social activity that you can enjoy with friends while you're off the rocks, regardless of past climbing experience. Part strategy, part play, and suitable for anyone who likes a good challenge.


    In 2020 creator of Finger Bouldering, Jacob Karlin made a board game called “Finger Bouldering” based on the sport of rock climbing. While working on the game, Jacob also invented a therapeutic device for people with arthritis called the “Plyoball.” The Plyoball was essentially an unevenly weighted ball with bumps that the user rotated with their fingers to work out the muscles of their hand. Eventually Jacob combined the two concepts, thus creating the sport of Finger Bouldering.


    Jacob Karlin is a climber and engineering student from Brooklyn, NY. His interests include environmental science, yoga, and making stuff. He lives in Buckingham, VA.