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Finger Bouldering

Prototype Problem- "Blue"

Prototype Problem- "Blue"

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Finger Bouldering Prototype Problem No. 001 "Blue"


  • 200 gram base
  • 3 routes
  • Difficulty V1-V3

About Finger Bouldering Prototype Problems - Handcrafted Limited Edition

Introducing Finger Bouldering Prototype Problems, a beta version of the Finger Bouldering Problem crafted by yours truly in my workshop. Finger Bouldering Prototype problems are essentially more precisely crafted versions of the foam problems that made Finger Bouldering famous on the internet. They represent the best work that I can create at home without professional manufacturing processes. These limited-edition prototypes are a rare opportunity to get your hands on a special piece of Finger Bouldering history. 

Finger Bouldering Prototype Problems are just that- prototypes- so there are a few important things to remember about them. Prototype Problems are made out of foam coated in epoxy resin. The bases are weighted with cement. This means that they are hard and heavy, but they are not that durable and they will break if dropped a lot of times. It’s best to use them over a soft surface such as a bouldering pad placed on a table, or a bed, or a couch (and even then they still might break). Due to their handmade nature, Prototype Problems may differ somewhat in appearance from the pictures on the website. Prototype problems can be bouldered, however they are not fully functional and should be treated the same way you would treat a sculpture or other piece of artwork. Prototype problems are not safe for children or pets. Please expect shipping delays while I make them. - Jacob

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